Battle Realms: Zen Edition Updated Version Free Download

Battle Realms: Zen Edition Updated Version Free Download

Battle Realms: Zen Edition Updated Version Free Download



Battle Realms: Zen Edition is a contemporary remake of the sought-after in narrow circles real-time strategy that was developed by putting it in the world of Oriental fantasy.

The game came out two years ago. This version includes both the original game and it also includes the Winter of Wolf add-on. Developers have added a functional multiplayer game, sorted out a number of bugs and added new monitors that are compatible with the latest technology, and was optimized to work with current operating platforms. The creators also kept working on their game more..

The game Battle Realms: Zen Edition Two light and two dark clans fight:

Dragon is a fighter who uses traditional Japanese guns, gunpowder and the power of magic.
The wolf was a prehistoric warrior, who relied on strength, brute force and magic.
Serpents – those who concentrate on the use of firearms or dark spells;

Lotus is a group that has modern technology against the background of other organizations (their magical school is highly pumped).

Only two resources are available within this RTS: the rice as well as water.Peasants work in extracting liquids and also the growing of crops for food.They could turn into soldiers.They can then be transformed into different warriors, such as Samurai, berserkers and spearmen or bombardiers, archers among others.In order to retrain warriors one must bring him to a specific house, where he will be given Yin and Yang points studying methods of combat.

Weather and terrain conditions impact the game. As an example, rain smothers the flames, and makes crops increase in size, and terrain can boost rifle attack. In this area, you can construct structures in any direction. In different groups, the buildings are virtually identical in their function.

There are horses in this area. The amount of horses available is extremely small. The focus is on micromanaging your tiny army. Apart from the battle mode, there’s the battle mode, which includes four games. Within “Survival” you must not let a single member of your team die. Destruction calls you to burn the enemy’s houses to the ground. The title “Destroy the Fortress” speaks of itself. You need to destroy the enemy’s fortress. The game “Hunger” the user fights against enemy players with a small amount of money.



System Requirments


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Graphics: DirectX 8 Compatible
  • Memory: 64 Mb


Battle Realms: Zen Edition Updated Version Free Download




Battle Realms: Zen Edition Updated Version Free Download
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