Shadow oft the Tomb Raider: Rotating Stone Pillars – Puzzle solution

On your way to the Hidden City, you will go to the Path of the Living in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, where you need to open a stone door in one spot by altering different stone sections effectively. You need to locate the correct Maya date.

Area: Kuwaq-Yaku

Crucial: of the Living

Objective: Find an approach to open the entryway

When you have left and just (before the round stone entryway) two sections with images. In the initial step, you just need to turn both until an extension shows up on the particular side.

On the two sides you will see new images when you open the entryways.

It at that point pursues a few stages, it will then an ever increasing number of images that you need to acclimate to at long last open the primary entryway, behind it, in addition to other things, the capacity “Paws of the Eagle” is hanging tight for you.

Underneath we have a video with the individual advances and an image we need to set the segments Final.

Is it true that you are searching for more arrangements or trophies instructional exercises on the new Lara experience? Look at it in our Tomb Raider Walkthrough.

Rotating STONE PILLARS Puzzle – Path of the Living

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