Pokemon Shield getting the exclusive Galarian Ponyta


The Pokemon Company uncovered today that one of the Pokemon that will be selective to Pokemon Shield is the Galarian Ponyta, an elite advancement of Ponyta.

While Galarian Ponyta is just accessible in Pokemon Shield, that doesn’t imply that the Pokemon can’t be exchanged to Pokemon Sword!

Here are the full subtleties of Galarian Ponyta:

Galarian Ponyta

Class: Unique Horn Pokémon

Type: Psychic

Tallness: 2’7″

Weight: 52.9 lbs.

Capacity: Run Away/Pastel Veil

Galarian Ponyta have been found in a specific woods of the Galar district since antiquated occasions. It is said that they were presented to the flooding life vitality of the woods over numerous ages, and accordingly their appearance got one of a kind in this area.

Galarian Ponyta can ingest the existence vitality of the encompassing environment and store it in its mane. Its mane will turn out to be progressively vivid, and even radiate a shining sparkle, if there is a bounty of vitality around.


Galarian Ponyta’s Ability, Pastel Veil, is another Ability presented in these titles. This Ability keeps the Pokémon and its partners from turning out to be harmed. It can even fix the harmed status state of its partners when this Pokémon enters the war zone.

Here’s an inside look of Pokemon Shield Galarian Ponyta:


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be available on November 15 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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