E3 2019: BurgerTime Party is Pretty Much What You’d Expect


If you are not familiar with BurgerTime, it is a somewhat notable arcade game from the’80s built around producing burgers by walking parts it and preventing enemies. It can be hard, especially if you don’t understand what to do, together with the main goal really being stay alive.

From what was on display at E3, BurgerTime Party is constructed around the same concept, just with much more contemporary images and co-op. The challenge is the same as before, win without messing up.


Team was being added by one stand out alternative. It is not enough to step on hamburgers or avoid enemies, you should avoid hitting on your teammate. Doing so will stun themopening the door to lives or putting your team in a bad spot. That being said, it appears to have the charm multiplayer matches have.


That I played and observed, it did not take long before people observing wins or freaked out. These are not sufficient to sell a notion, if whatever it rolls on the surface but it’ll be exciting to see how this evolves.

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