E3 2019: Heroland is an Unusual RPG


Heroland was a fairly interesting experience. It started with a brief introduction into the narrative, one that is basically built around the usual, newcomer brings riches narrative arc. After finishing that, you’re allowed to interact with the town.

Interactions are little more than events that advance one element of this story or another. Finally you’ll unlock the dungeon and you get your first taste of game play.


Similar to story sections have little here you need to direct your staff. What makes this different is allies decide their strikes unless told differently. To put it a different way, it will play itself assuming you’ve got good gear and construct to not have to always jump in.


The role that the player really assumes is one of controlling the flow. Sometimes the AI will target the wrong enemy or someone needs a last minute heal, which means that you want to step in, It doesn’t make for the most exciting encounter, at least based off the coaching dungeon but it’ll be interesting to see where it leads.

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