The Division 2’s Warlords of New York Recondition is live Forwards of schedule


The Section Two ‘s Big Warlords of New York growth went which is really a day earlier than the March 3, planned launching. the gun jumped Nobody knows for certain, but we are not complaining.

GamesRadar’s Ford James managed to play a number of Warlords of New York ancient and speak with partner creative director Yannick Banchereau about why it is the ideal time to reevaluate The Division two . The massive update takes players back this time to research an area the Division that is first left out of its New York setting: lower Manhattan, to New York City. There you’ll explore four new zones; Battery Park, Financial District, Civic Center, and Two Bridges; and a base of operations called Haven.


You will Have the chance to find a number of New York’s most famous landmarks, including Wall Street, the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, and Chinatown. At least you’ll beat the crowds, although Obviously, you’ll need to do in between shooting rounds.

Given The quantity of material it adds, the $30 price for Warlords of New York feels about perfect. If you are new to The Section 2, you can grab the Ultimate Edition for $80 and get all year one content at no cost.

The upgrade includes a story expansion that Puts in new things; pursuit of rogue broker Aaron Keener, equipment, abilities, and degree progression; and more. Have a look at the whole list of changes from Ubisoft.


New and returning players would do well to check these out crucial Section 2 hints – straight from the developers.

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