Clock Machine Place in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


Trunks’ time machine is a post-game thing in Dragon Ball Z. It is time machine Trunks utilizes to visit your timeline at the start of the Cell saga. You will find the opportunity to use this system which means that you are able to finish, Once you finish the game. The game will not allow you to understand that it is accessible, or at which time machine is. This guide will show you DBZ Kakarot time machine place , which means you’re able to complete all of the lost side stories.


How to use time machine in DBZ Kakarot?

Once you’ve completed the main story, head on over to West City. While standing in front of Capsule Corporation’s headquarters, look to the right. You’ll see a couple of people standing near an egg-shaped contraption on the way to the white building. If you approach them, you’ll recognize them instantly – they’re Bulma and Future Trunks. Talk to them, and Bulma will explain how she built her own time machine to drag Young Adult Trunks back to this timeline, so they could chat. This will unlock Future Trunks as a party member.


Once the cutscene is over, a generic scientist will appear in front of the time machine, informing you that there’s still work to be done before you can use it. Check back from time to time – the machine will become available after a while. It’s either tied to time spent in the game, or to a specific side quest (possibly one that can only be solved with Future Trunks in your party). We’ll update the guide as soon as we know the exact way to gain access to the now-located time machine, so check back.

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