Fortnite Secret Passages Locations: How and Where To Conceal In Confidential Passages In Different Matches


Here is the locations of key passages in Fortnite and how to utilize them.

One Season 2 are passages. These passages that are key can direct players to homes that are Shadow. These are sprinkled round the Fortnite map, and need players to jump into even a toilet or a dumpster.

One Of the week two Brutus’ Briefing challenges needs players to hide in passages in matches. So as to finish the challenge, this has to be performed three times. On account of this struggle needing to be completed in games that are various, you may use three times to the secret passage. We’ve created a places guide.
Hide in key passages in different games


One Of the challenges for Brutus’ Briefing needs players SHADOW homes that are protected. To be able to get them, you Want to conceal in a Passage, which means you may understand the places of secret passages.

Here’s a map with the locations of the secret passages we’re aware of that’ll lead you to a safe house. In order to hide in secret passages, just simply go up to the portable toilet or dumpster and hide in them. Once done, you’ll use a secret passage that’ll take you to a safe house.

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