Fortnite Challenges: Week 2 Deadpool Challenges And Recompense Revealed


Following is a glance at Fortnite Deadpool challenges weekly two.

The challenges are now live and accessible to finish!

Epic Games introduced a brand new season along with a fresh Battle Pass. To everyone’s surprise, Deadpool was declared as the epidermis for this entire year. When the Fortnite Deadpool skin will probably soon be available to unlock we don’t know, but we do know we’ll get two weekly challenges to complete.


The very first week of Deadpool Challenges required players to locate Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games and “Don’t thank the bus driver”. These two challenges could be completed Within moments, and it looks like all the Deadpool Fortnite Challenges will only take a couple of minutes to finish.

The week 2 Deadpool challenges will be available shortly, but thanks to dataminers, we know what the two challenges will be ahead of time. Remember, you can view these challenges by heading over to Deadpool’s hideout room that’s accessible through the vent that can be seen in the HQ.

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Simply click on the computer in the hideout room in order to view all of the currently available Deadpool challenges.


Fortnite Challenges – Deadpool Week 2

The two week 2 challenges are available to complete in the HQ and won’t take you more than a minute to complete. Here’s a look at the challenges and the spray reward you’ll get for week 2:

Click the challenges below to view a guide on how to complete the challenge.

Deadpool Week 2 Fortnite Challenges

Most players will be completing these challenges as they don’t take long and they’ll need be to completed in order to get the Fortnite Deadpool skin in a few weeks. However, there is a spray reward for completing the week 2 challenges.

The name of the spray is called “Ride The Corn!” and is of uncommon rarity. Here’s a look at the spray reward:

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