Fortnite Challenges: How And Where To knock A Soccer Ball 100 Meters Quickly

One of the Fortnite Season 2 Week 5 Challenges expects players to kick a soccer ball 100 meters. Here’s the manner by which and where you can rapidly finish this test.

We’re as of now onto another official seven day stretch of Fortnite. That implies there’s a fresh out of the box new arrangement of difficulties for players to finish. This weeks challenges are the Meowscles, a skin that can be opened right now Pass.

The official name of the difficulties is Meowscles’ Mischief. Similarly as with the other two specialists week by week challenges, there’ll be two sections for the difficulties. There’s 10 difficulties for section 1 with section 2 opening one week from now at 2pm UTC.

There’ll likewise be extra difficulties one week from now for Meowscles that will expect players to convey fish to Shadow or Ghost so as to open one of the skin styles.

One of today’s challenges requires players to kick a soccer ball 100 meters. You won’t be able to just kick a soccer ball by just running at it and hoping for the best. If you do that, you’ll never get that challenge completed. We’ve created a quick guide on how and where you can kick a soccer ball 100 meters in order to quickly complete this challenge.

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How and Where to kick a soccer ball 100 meters

Soccer ball Locations Fortnite

Here’s where you’ll find Soccer ball locations in Fortnite. Below that, you’ll find the best location to quickly complete the kick a soccer ball 100 meters challenge.

  • Pleasant Park Field
  • North west of Frenzy Farm
  • East side of Holly Hedges
  • North West of Pleasant Park

There’s a few soccer ball locations on the Fortnite map. There’s one at Pleasant Park where the Choppa helicopter is located. However, this location isn’t optimal if you want to complete the challenge as quickly as possible as you’ll need to keep kicking and running with it to complete this challenge.

Instead, players can land or visit a hill that’s location north of Frenzy Farm. There’ll be a soccer ball at the top of the hill which you can simply run at in order to kick it down the hill. Once it drops down the hill and continues to roll, you’ll have completed the kick a soccer ball 100 meters challenge.

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