After Patch Impressions – Call of Duty: WWII Update 3/29/2020

Welcome here on MP1st Patch and the way a match is affected by it. Be aware that we will not do this for each and every match for every single name upgrade, but only for patches that we are looking forward to because it is place to add important gameplay alterations, new attributes, and so on.

For the attribute’s introduction, we are having a look in Call of Duty: WWII and its newest upgrade that got rolled out yesterday, November 29, 2017. You may check the list of fixes out .

New, Noticeable Additions/Tweaks:

Headquarters is currently optional — On consoles. Players did not have an option in regards to the Headquarters area that is new. Like it or not, you’re made to stand about (or even glitch around) in (largely empty) servers. Not anymore. This is a change which needs to be appreciated by people who’d rather play with others interact.

BAR nerfed with Additional recoil — Feels exactly the same, to tell the truth. In case there was a nerf required the flame speed could have been a noticeable difference.

Primed nerfed — That can be a baffling movement given the Worldwide tweak to flinch has Never been rolled out. Regardless, early reports suggest a mixed Bag, also is a crutch perk for many. Will need Additional testing to create That stated flinch must have been corrected before Tweaking this whatsoever.

Headquarters got even more broken (no, really!) – While people were alone in HQ, it at least worked as intended. After yesterday’s update, a stuttering issue was reported and confirmed by MP1st. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix, but it’s a fix that didn’t need to exist in the first place.

Division Prestige got borked! – For some reason, Prestiging a Division got broken after the latest update. It got so broken that it made games freeze up. Thankfully, a client-side update has been dispatched earlier today that fixed it.

What Still Needs to Be Fixed ASAP:

This won’t touch on gameplay preferences (like Domination per kill score getting changed, etc.), but rather things that affect the game technically.

Still can’t connect to matches – Not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t think it is, but I still have a hard time getting into matches. The fastest one for me to enter is team deathmatch, but usually it takes a few minutes as well. As for Domination, Hard Point, etc., it can take literally 15-20 minutes or sometimes never to get into a match. No clue what’s causing it but it needs to be sorted ASAP.


A minor step in the right direction, but I honestly expected more given the litany of issues still plaguing the game. Let’s hope we get a new patch soon to fix some of the technical issues. At this point, almost a month since launch, fans have a right to expect more — especially for things that should be working since day one (HQ, matchmaking, etc.).

Did you notice anything new in the latest COD: WWII update? What needs fixing ASAP? Let us know in the comments below.

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