Epic Games respond to bizarre editing bug in Fortnite

Fortnite players have been experiencing a disappointing altering bug for quite a while in the fight royale, and it’s at long last stood out enough to be noticed.

The game’s locale is preparing for the finale of Fortnite Season 10 with the new v10.40.1 update on October 2, yet there are as yet irksome bugs that players are finding all through the significant pieces of the game.


While the new update is bringing back the Flint-Knock Pistol while including the Out of Time difficulties, some in the network were seeking after the devs to investigate more upkeep for the carriage side of the fight royale.

Altering is the fundamental element of Fortnite, however there are still a few bugs tormenting it. Credit: Epic Games through pcgamesn

In a Reddit post, client ‘Tomred95’ featured a peculiar bug that happens when attempting to alter a rooftop when settled near a divider. It could be tricky to such an extent that the client cautioned its an “alter bug that individuals ought to know about until it’s fixed.”

Investigating the bug, it appears as though altering capacities are functioning as proposed when attempting to control a tangle away from any dividers.

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In any case, when the player maneuvers into a divider, they can’t get to the rooftop’s alter choices since the game is enrolling that the player needs to alter the divider behind them.

“This bug transpires continually and is effectively repeatable,” one client said. “In the event that your back is contacting the divider behind you when you hit alter it will constantly choose that divider rather than what is before you.”

The player can be seen trying to edit the ceiling a few times, and every time they notice that the edit mechanic is activating for the wall they’re hugging while pushing edit.

While there have been various instances of this in the past, the Fortnite community have had to essentially put up with the bug. But hopefully, the Reddit thread will be the beginning of the end for the bug’s saga.

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Chiming in the thread, Epic Games Community Coordinator ‘EmptyTux’ said they will be communicating with the devs to start the debugging process.

“Thanks for the video illustrating this! I’ll send this to our QA team for investigation,” EmptyTux said.

Fortnite players have been reporting that the bug can be reproduced on PCs and consoles, so hopefully a fix will come shortly.

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