All Daito Jade Rabbit Statue Place on the Moon in Destiny 2

One thing is hiding on the moon in the kind of a creature. Find them all.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Is underway, and folks are clamoring to discover every secret. Hiding one of the Moon are Jade Rabbit Statues. Here are the Daito Jade Rabbit Statue Locations.

Daito Jade Rabbit Statue Locations

After a rocky beginning, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Is underway, and Bungie has included lots of secrets. Among these secrets is the Daito Jade Rabbit Statues scattered across the boundaries of this Moon’s places. As a result of Reddit consumer niitq we understand where you can locate them.

Far Such as the Cat Statues on the Dreaming City, these Daito Jade Rabbit Statues are not simple to discover and demand a consumable that is distinctive to be introduced to themthe Rice Cake. These may fall from a number of resources on the Moon however are rare. There are a total.

Chamber of Night

You will find One of Night at the Chamber of those Daito Jade Rabbit Statues. Enter Crota’s Temple and you will need to visit Anchors of Light, For into the Chamber of Night. Make your way down Crota’s Temple ensuring you adhere into the side of this wall.

Follow The route into an open space where you will observe a huge object. Take a right, go through the door, and turn left at the fork. This route will lead you to The World’s Grave (Not ours).

Run through the Middle of this World’s Grave and Simply take a left preventing any enemies. Following this course will cause Night’s Chamber. Proceed until you get to a door which has a light. Turn around and go toward the huge rock in the center, jump to discover the statue.

This statue is Undoubtedly the most easy to find. At which Eris Morn is situated load into the Sanctuary. Drop off the stage, You’ll have to walk towards your boat, or walk to the sweeper bot. Head to the area till you locate the Jade Rabbit emblem on the wall when you are on the level.
Sorrow’s Harbor

Next, You will want to traveling to Sorrow’s Harbor at which the Nightmare Ogre spawns, and make your way. Together with the Redkeep to a , head down the stairs toward both columns standing up from the platform on the rightside. You may notice two eyes that are luminous .

In everybody’s Place in the Moon is home to one of those bunny statues. You will want to find the bridge close to the altar that’s near the Hellmouth’s mouth. When you’ve discovered the bridge, then hugging the stone wall. Follow the path till you happen upon the Jade Rabbit statue onto the seat.
Anchor of Light

From Sanctuary head on the side to Anchor of Light. Take a left and head upon entering. You will want to jump and you’re going to realize that the Jade Rabbit statue.
Missing Sector: K1 Logistics

Head Into the Lost Sector: K1 Logistics like ordinary at Archer’s Line and perform it. You’ve eliminated the area of enemies; you are going to discover the bunny in the area. You may find a Cat Condition.
Archer’s Line

Beginning To Archer’s Line, jump in your sparrow and mind in Sanctuary. You are going to be on the lookout for the dome. Input the dome and proceed through the rear area on the right adjacent to where the enemies spawn in which the statue will soon hide beneath the box.
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Shrine of Oryx

After You locate the Jade Rabbit take a right and head down the catacombs toward Oryx’s Shrine. Run towards a luminous spike in the center of the space and take a left. Until you arrive at the Shrine of Oryx, and upon going into the open, Stick to the tube, you are going to want to stick on the side of this system after it where the Jade Rabbit is around.
Circle of Bones

The Circle of Bones is obtained via the entry. Follow the trail and you’ll go down some stairs into an location that is open after you jump across the pit. Fall upon the floor Whenever you walk through the door and walk beneath the platform on your right. Sticking to the side of this wall, the statue will be found at the rear corner.

The Video above shows of the areas of Daito Jade Rabbit’s areas Statue locations. The Jade Rabbit is Earliest Destiny and can be made from looting a gold torso from Ocean of Storms. Have a look at our Destiny Two archives for more information such as the Tire Game.

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