Dreams Update Version 2.11 Patch Notes


Media Molecule has released a new update for Dreams today. We’ve got the full patch notes for this upgrade on May 14th.


The Dreams Update 2.11 is now ready for download. All you have to do is download and put in 150 megabytes.


Dreams Patch Notes 2.11

What’s New

  • Welcome Garden Gameplay Bundle : This exciting wee pack introduces new toys to use in create mode that complement the Welcome Garden
  • Art and Character packs. Have a play around and see what you could come up with!
  • “Irrelevant” button alongside Community Jams: There has been a lot of community conversation around off-topic jam content. To improve the voting experience, we have included a button to allow you to flag some jam material which is not relevant to the jam motif.
  • Level cap growth to 999: Some of you intrepid dreamers have started inching up on our existing level limitation, so we’ve boosted the maximum.

Updates & Improvements

  • Additional”Recommended Dreamers” row to DreamSurfing: We’re working on new approaches that will help you find even more content you will delight in playing, including this new playlist.
  • Update to DreamSurfing banners: This update allows us to alter the in-game banners more easily, so that we can emphasize more community creations and cool things!
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