How did this Fortnite player reach level 520?

It is no secret that collecting all the XP required to acquire a golden Agent Peely skin version in Fortnite is a huge chore. You need to reach level 350, which is extremely hard for casual players.

You need to grind all the challenges and perform daily to reach this degree. Even with that, it will continue to be difficult for those who didn’t purchase all the Fight Pass tiers once the season released.

Even most Fortnite streamers — that play every day and purchased the entirety of the Fight Pass on day-one — haven’t struck level 350. It’s likely to become a status symbol to have a gold Agent Peely when Season two ends.

YouTube creator Cinema of Gaming was inquisitive about that which player had the highest degree on earth. He did a little digging and discovered a player named TALOCAN. The 17-year-old German YouTuber is, stunningly, levels 520.

Cinema of Gaming stated that this player plays,”Team Rumble, property at Steamy Stacks, opened each of the chests at Steamy Stacks, leaves the match & replicate for 16 hours a day,” as Epic Games intended.

Since you might expect, this player is a grinder. He’s attained level 100 in every prior season. For Chapter 2 Season 2, he has his eyes set on par 600.

We don’t know whether this participant has the highest position in the world, but it wouldn’t surprise us.

Obviously, TALOCAN finds some kind of enjoyment out of this — even if it’s only for the accomplishment. At this time, you understand exactly what you have to do if you’re trying hard to reach level 350.

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