How to Open Large Gates in Maneater?


Huge gates in Maneater are basically dams that bar you from entering specific areas until you’re either potent enough to leap over them, or come up with a way to open them yourself. Fortunately, opening the Maneater large gates is fairly easy, once you realize what you’re supposed to do. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our How to Open Large Gates in Maneater guide.

The Way to Open Large Gates in ManeaterManeater Big Gates — How to Open?

To start the big gates in Maneater, the first thing is to grab a reddish animal (aka a predator) with your jaws while near the giant red button over. Your shark will whip the beast you’ve captured right into the button, opening the gates.


This system works with any of the gates that you’ll experience, be they in Caviar Key, Prosperity Sands, etc.. Additionally, any predator using the red outline is going to do. As long as it doesn’t have a white outline; your shark will probably devour these poor souls in moments. Sometimes, the red-outlined predators may escape your grip until you figure out how to autolock on the button. If that does occur, just grab it again and retry.


All that said, if you have updated your shark sufficiently and find a long head start, you can jump out of the water and vault right over the gates without even opening them. However, once you work out how to open the gates, then there is no reason to risk leaving the comfort of the deep. Additionally, it’s so much funnier to see a swordfish or alligator slamming to a button three stories above, opening the gates to your vengeance.

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