Maneater Golden Shores Collectible Locations – Landmarks, Licence Plates, Caches


Golden Shores is one of the maps in shark-piloting sport Maneater. It’s filled to the brim with collectibles, similar to the rest of the maps. As usual, most of them aren’t that tough to discover, but there are a few that are a real pain, either well concealed or easy to find but hard to reach. If you are having trouble with any of these, this guide will show you all Maneater Golden Shores collectible places .

Maneater Golden Shores Collectible Locations — Landmarks, Licence Plates, CachesGolden Shores landmarks

There are just eight landmarks in Golden Shores — a little less than in most other locations. To be able to collect them, you are going to have to break the signals that mark each location. You’ll locate them marked with pins on the map over. Here is what and where they’re:


You’ll find it in the southeastern corner of the map.

  • Anger Management — A golf cart next to a heap of broken golf clubs, located close to the golf course, a bit northeast from the southwestern entrance.
  • From the Rough — An underwater hole on the golf course, west from the previous one.
  • Day Drinkers — A lot of submerged golf automobiles and coolers in the north.
  • So Joyful — This one’s above the water level. A whole lot of hockey stick beside a golf cart in the west.
  • Water Hazard — An enormous pile of golf balls at a pond south of the previous landmark.
  • Golf-Man — A statue made of gold golf clubs around the western border of this map.
  • Tiger at The Woods (Or Vice Versa?) — A vehicle that crashed into a billboard, from the northwestern corner of the area, beside the exit.

Licence plates in Golden Shores

There are ten license plates in the region, and all will ask that you jump from the water so as to crush them. The more difficult ones require some preparation — you need to take into account the angle at which you are surfacing, as well as how much a running start you can take. They are marked with tiny licence plate icons on the map.

Golden Shores nutrient caches places


You will find 1 nutrient caches in Golden Shores, which can be a quite a bit in contrast to other locations. When you look at the map, then you will see they’re marked with a grey chest icon.

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