Maneater Apex Predators – Alligator, Barracuda, Great White, Killer Whale


Apex Predators in Maneater are boss animals that you are going to have to fight in the game. There is seven Apex Predators in Maneater, including an alligator, barracuda, great white shark, orca, and sperm whale. Each of the Apex Predators rewards you with a potent development, such as regions of the Bone Establish armor. Additionally, each of them has a specific accomplishment / trophy that you get for killing them. Within our Maneater Apex Predators — Alligator, Barracuda, Great White, Killer Whale manual, we’ll reveal where to locate them and the rewards for beating them.

There are seven distinct Apex Predators in Maneater — an alligator, barracuda, mako shark, hammerhead shark, great white shark, orca, and sperm whale. They are unmissable, being a part of the key missions. Defeating all of these supervisors grants you a piece of this Bone Armor Set (plus two evolutions), as well as a corresponding achievement. In the listing below, we’re likely to tell you which map to locate them on, which evolution.


they provide you, and also the title of their trophy.

  • 1-Apex Alligator — Fawtick Bayou — Amphibious — Gator Meat Trophy
  • 2-Apex Barracuda — Dead Horse Lake — Bone Teeth — Delicious Trophy
  • 3-Apex Mako — Golden Shores — Bone Fins — Shark on Shark Violence Trophy
  • 4-Apex Hammerhead — Sapphire Bay — Bone Body — Pound It Trophy
  • 5-Apex Great White — Prosperity Sands — Bone Tail — This Is My Movie Trophy
  • 6-Apex Orca / Killer Whale — Caviar Key — Bone Head — Suggestions Didn’t Help Ya Trophy
  • 7-Apex Sperm Whale — The Gulf — Subliminal Evasion — I Thought You Were Difficult Trophy

When you clear out all the Apex Predators, you’ll have the entire Bone Armor set, as mentioned before, in addition to the Subliminal Evasion evolution, making hostile fish smaller than 50% of you discount you, and Amphibious, which permits you to stay on land for longer. In addition to all that, you will also receive the”The New Apex Predator” trophy. That certifies that you’re the largest beast of the deep, and no one is to mess with you.


That is about all there is to it as it pertains to Apex Predators in Maneater. If you want more assistance with the game, we have a whole bunch of other guides for you.

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