Destiny 2 Year 4 Details to Be Discussed

Destiny 2 Year 4 Details to Be Discussed


Destiny 2 Year 4 Details to Be Discussed


While Bungie has already talked about the rewards system changing for Destiny 2 Year 4, the studio has never really been forthcoming when it comes to what is next for the looter shooter. Well, that’s about to change this June.


Over on the latest This Week in Bungie post, Generation Director Justin Truman written a letter to the neighborhood stating that the studio is dedicated to the game, and how Destiny 2 Year 4 information will be shared in 12 days’ time.

We’ve said a lot about changes coming from Year 4, but we have not talked about how Year 4 starts. Very soon, we’ll do just that.
I kicked off this series of deep seated with some guarantees, but I wish to end the series to a more personal note. Being not able to visit the office, trying to determine how to keep building this match we love out of our laptops and our couches has had me thinking a lot about dedication.
Videogame development is cluttered. Evolving Destiny 2 in an open, transparent way entails showing (and shipping) plenty of missteps together with the improvements. But it continues to be worth it, every step of the way, since I could honestly say that this is the most welcoming, most enthusiastic community of gamers I’ve encountered, in any game.
We are committed to this game, to staying clear about our aims, and to this connection we have with our community. The reasons we began on this journey a decade ago haven’t changed. We are committed to building a world anyone can be a part of, where everyone can feel strong, and where you could reconnect with old friends or make some new ones.
So we anticipate continuing this conversation, and continued to evolve Destiny together.
Stay safe out there, Guardians.
Color us intrigued, then! Once we know additional information, and after the teasers start dropping, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.



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