Enter The Matrix Deserves a Remaster
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Enter The Matrix Deserves a Remaster

Enter The Matrix Deserves a Remaster

Enter The Matrix Deserves a Remaster

Few franchises have had such an impact in action cinema and sci-fi worlds as this oneThe Matrix. The original 1999 film and its sequels revolutionized special effects and fight choreography. They explored more complicated ideas than the usual mainstream blockbusters. The films are a great fit for video games, considering all the action and high flying scenes.

Gaming is about letting gamers live out their fantasies in a virtual world. The matrix revolves around. All of this culminated in the creation of a major video game calledGet The MatrixThe following was released on all major consoles in 2003:

Although it was still a tie in the movie game, The Matrix Reloaded was released alongside. This title showed a lot more ambition and effort than other licensed products of the time. Enter The Matrix was a standalone story that added depth to the series’ lore and played with The Matrix Reloaded.

This gave the film more context, often giving it more meaning. With a fourth movie in the works, it would be ideal to remaster The Matrix Reloaded for modern consoles.

While blockbuster movies and games often have the same plot, Enter The Matrix chose something more original and interesting. The Wachowski twins, who created The Matrix, were responsible for the entire plot. The game is a must-play for any serious fan of the franchise. It adds layers to an already complicated story. Some moments in the game are connected to scenes in Reloaded and vice versa.


If you want to see the entire story, it is equally important that you play the game. With a fourth instalment of The Matrix, viewers will be eager to go back and revisit all that happened. Many gamers might have sold their older consoles. Finding a replacement, as well as a copy of Matrix, could prove difficult. Remastering the game on modern consoles is a quick solution.

Enter The Matrix Was a Solid Action Game

Enter The Matrix, aside from its narrative appeal, is well worth remastering for the fun of playing. Bullet time mechanics were the main attraction of entering The Matrix at the time. They perfectly replicated the effects from the films. It is thrilling to feel like a superhuman, slowing down the time and watching bullets fly by you.

Apart from the on-foot combat with gunplay and hand-to-hand combat, there are also driving sections and on-rails shooting segments. All of these can be enjoyed in two campaigns with different events. Players get two games for the cost of one. This allows them to experience the entire adventure as Ghost and Niobe. Other characters will be available to players.

The Matrix film franchise has the eveven opportunity to experience moments to those seen in the movies as they travel along their journey. Although the shooting controls and martial arts may seem clunky and outdated by modern standards, there’s something special about the centre. Enter The MatrixA few adjustments in a remaster can help to iron out.

Enter The Matrix Deserves a Remaster
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