Unreleased Atari Jaguar Game Gets Surprise ESRB Rating
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Unreleased Atari Jaguar Game Gets Surprise ESRB Rating

Unreleased Atari Jaguar Game Gets Surprise ESRB Rating

Unreleased Atari Jaguar Game Gets Surprised ESRB Rating

The ESRB and other rating boards all over the globe can provide insight into upcoming games. Ratings typically include information about the game’s violent and mature themes. It’s not unusual to learn about the Atari Jaguar’s ESRB rating for 2021. But that’s exactly what is happening. American HeroUnreleasedFMV games will soon be available on consoles.

American Hero is a bit of a curious case, not just for Atari Jaguar games but for games in general. Ziggurat Interactive, which left it unfinished for over 25 years, announced plans to bring the game back earlier in the year. However, there are not many details about what that will look like. A posting on the ESRB site gives a glimpse into the game’s contents.

Despite its cheesy appearance, American Hero has been given an “M” rating due to its blood, strong language, and violence. The sequences in the ESRB rating look a lot like what you would see in an action movie made in the 1990s. According to the page, it boasts “full motion video of choreographed fighting, explosions and chase scenes as well as romantic encounters.” These are all the staples of that era.

Some moments don’t hold up over time. One example is cited by the ESRB website. It gives players the choice to “do her” (or “just talk”) during a brief sexual encounter. The listing also mentions a similar encounter that took place in a restroom. This encounter “focuses on characters’ torsos” and doesn’t depict anything untoward.

As the trailer describes it, American Hero is more like a “playable movie” rather than a traditional video game. The ESRB listing details the input players will have – such as punch, shoot and stab actions – with the game showing the consequences of each action. Although the result may be as gritty as Jack getting his neck snapped by the protagonist, it is possible to make that seem outrageous with how the game presents it.

An ESRB rating indicates that the game’s release is getting closer, though there are still few details about where the game will land. The plan right now is to release the game on PC and consoles, but it’s not clear which platforms. New Atari consoles are on the horizon, so perhaps American Hero will finally get the Atari release that it was supposed to have.

Unreleased Atari Jaguar Game Gets Surprise ESRB Rating
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