Beautiful 'Dark Souls 2' Sequel - 'Nightfall" Finally Released

Beautiful ‘Dark Souls 2’ Sequel – ‘Nightfall” Finally Released

Beautiful 'Dark Souls 2' Sequel - 'Nightfall" Finally Released

Beautiful ‘Dark Souls 2’ Sequel – ‘Nightfall” Finally Released


Eldenring may be a while off, but Dark Souls fans are in for a treat. Nightfall is a sequel created by a group that looks absolutely stunning.

Nightfall is a single-player mod to Dark Souls Remastered. It is compatible only with the upgraded game. However, there is a good reason for this decision. The original doesn’t allow for many of the more ambitious alterations and additions. They include “new storyline, new characters and bosses”, as well as augmentations that combat the game for greater difficulty. There are many odd jobs and errands that can be done in Lordran by new voiced NPCs. This project has a surprising influence from the fans.

Nightfall also draws many cues form The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask,” stated Grimrukh, one of the team members. It is certainly fascinating, isn’t it? Elden Ring is an open world, similar to Breath of The Wild. Nightfall is inspired from Majora’s Mask.

Modders can be very creative as shown by Nightfall. However, there are also opportunities to throw a huge spanner made from jelly into the gears of a game. You can also check out the Kanto starters from Los Santos.

Perhaps the best part about the mod is its ability to disable players’ connection to the online side Dark Souls. This prevents them from being banned for using third-party content. So now, I have this and Elden Ring. stated @OnlineEyeDee_, “I’m hyped.” This is absolutely amazing. Bravo, lads! added @ppennek. Nightfall is coming at the end this year. Given how quickly the first half has gone, we can blink and be in December very soon.

Elden Ring will be coming to PC, last-gen, and new-gen consoles a month later. The trailer, which was released at the Summer Games Fest, set the Internet on fire. It had been two years since FromSoftware had released anything new. Now we know that it has an open world, horseback riding and fearsome enemies. It will also be more than Dark Souls.

Nightfall will be released December 21st 2021.

Beautiful ‘Dark Souls 2’ Sequel – ‘Nightfall” Finally Released
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