Dead by Daylight: No Cost Bloodpoints Codes

Dead by Daylight: No Cost Bloodpoints Codes

Dead by Daylight: No Cost Bloodpoints Codes

Dead by Daylight: No Cost Bloodpoints Codes


Dead By Daylight has been a multiplayer horror phenomenon that still has years of fun but can also be frustrating when it comes to unlocks. You can redeem codes released by the developers to add Bloodpoints to your account.

This page lists all Bloodpoints that you can receive for free in Dead By Daylight. It also explains how to redeem them.

Active Dead by Daylight Bloodpoints Codes

These codes allow you to get free Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight.

Get 69 Bloodpoints free of charge. Nice.

150,000 Bloodpoints free of charge

Free 100,000 Blood Points

Keep in mind, however, that not all codes are case-sensitive.

This list will be updated as new codes are added, or other codes expire. This list is only for Blood points. There are sometimes free cosmetics.

How to redeem codes in Dead By Daylight

It’s easy to redeem codes in Dead By Daylight. But it’s done in-game and not at a storefront. For example, if you have trouble redeeming DBD codes from the PlayStation Store, this could be why.

Once you are logged in, go to the store. It should be located in the upper right corner of the main menu screen. Enter your code by clicking on Redeemcode in the top-right. The Bloodpoints will be added to your account for free if you get feedback.

How do Bloodpoints work in Dead By Daylight?

You can use blood points in Dead By Daylight’s game, basically the progression system for Killers and Survivors.

Blood points are used to unlock new Nodes in the Bloodweb. Each Node can be equipped with a Perk or an Item. After players have unlocked enough Nodes, they can move up to a higher level and access a new “layer” in the Bloodweb.

Each character has a unique Bloodweb, so you will need to spend a lot in Dead By Daylight to unlock all the game has to give.


Dead by Daylight: No Cost Bloodpoints Codes
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