Xbox Co-Creator Says Xbox Live Has Become Too Toxic

Xbox Co-Creator Says Xbox Live Has Become Too Toxic

Xbox Co-Creator Says Xbox Live Has Become Too Toxic

Xbox Co-Creator Says Xbox Live Has Become Too Toxic

I’m not sure that Xbox live (or Xbox network) is something you need to know. It can lead to a lot of toxicities. Voice chat can lead to toxicity and annoyance.

It’s not news to the Xbox team, but it’s certainly not new. Seamus Blackley was the co-creator of the Xbox console and took to Twitter earlier this week to express his disapproval for the current state of the service.

After Grenade Queen (a Twitter user and streamer) posted a clip where she was verbally harassed in Halo Ifinite by other players. The players make many derogatory and misogynistic comments to her, asking her to leave to play “whatever you guys do”, to show “your t*ts*s on Twitch” and to “get my Halo, since you’re not meant for to be here”. In a tweet, she wrote: “No woman should have this to deal with if they’re having a rough game against decent folks.” This was just a part of it.

Blackley quoted her original post and tweeted: “he was not the future for @Xbox Live that we envisioned.”This must be stopped as a community, with the support of @Microsoft. It will take collaboration between developers, players, and console manufacturers to change this. IIt’spast due.

While many Twitter users reacted positively to BBlackley’ssentiment, others said it was too late. You ddon’tban people because of this, but you rarely suspend them. And it keeps happening over and over again,” wrote @fiaanaut. “There is a substantial female fanbase with disposable income who are willing to pay cash for your product. Make them feel at home.

Blackley, who has since left Microsoft in 2002, said that he no longer works for Xbox. Because nothing has been done long, I can understand your anger. You’re right. This motivates me even more. These environments can be cleaned up. Let’s do it.”

However, the intention to do something and the actual doing are two different things. This is not Blackley’s fight anymore. The current Xbox management has the responsibility. You would think that the problem was so simple to solve that it could have been solved in 20 years. However, Sony has been working on tech to reduce trolling online, so Microsoft could take similar steps. It’s better to be late than never, right!

Xbox Co-Creator Says Xbox Live Has Become Too Toxic
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