Elden Ring: How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel
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Elden Ring: How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

Elden Ring: How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

Elden Ring: How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

Hidden bosses are everywhere in Elden Ring, which is why there are so many to battle and find. Flying Dragon Ageel is one such creature you will likely encounter in the first section of your journey. This being said, let’s look at how to defeat Flying Dragon Agheel within Elden Ring.

It is not surprising that Agheel can also be found at the centre of Limgrave’s Lake Agheel. This lake was named after the giant dragon.

A small group of Agheel’s worshippers will be waiting at the centre lake, lighting torches. You can ride or run near the dragon to make it appear.

However, it is not too far away. Agheel will take flight and incinerate your group. This will be your first encounter with him. Agheel can wander the lake searching for his next meal if you lose or run from him. Here are some tips to help you take Flying Dragon Agheel to Elden Ring.

You might want to increase your armaments or character stats as Agheel can be pretty powerful. You’ll also need to find your Spectral Steed as it is the best way to defeat Agheel. If you fail to locate the Stake Marika near the lake’s edge, you can still start from there.

Flying Dragon Agheel can use five to six primary attacks. You can expect him to swipe at you with his claws, snap at your head, or attempt to burn you with the flames of his flames. If he fires his barrage while airborne, his pets can either slow down and track across the field or explode in a huge blast. A slam attack is also available that he can land with, and a tail whip that sometimes he uses.

Fortunately, you can outmanoeuvre all these moves with the speed of your Spectral Steed. You can ride around the flames to avoid them. If you are lucky, he may continue firing as you ride up to him and smash his heels with your weapon. This will allow you to take a few more licks before you head off to safety. He’ll always strike back with his strikes, so don’t be too greedy.

Agheel can sometimes fall over if it takes enough damage. This ability is common for giant enemies in Elden Ring, like the giants you’ll often see. You can take a critical hit in this instance, but it may not be worth it, depending on where you are from, the dragon. Agheel may have recovered by the time you dismount and get closer to the window.

You’ll be able to do it even more quickly if you are a magician. Agheel can be dangerously close to you, so make sure you have enough range for your attacks. Be prepared for Agheel’s aerial stomp and fire attacks.

This strategy is valid throughout the fight. You can ride up and strike him a few times, and then you can ride off to safety. You can avoid his attacks by simply telegraphing them, especially if they are far enough away. You can easily take down another Elden Ring boss with a bit of patience and some knowledge of Agheel’s patterns.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & S and Xbox One.


Elden Ring: How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel
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