The Biggest New Games of March 2022: Ghostwire & Kirby

The Biggest New Games of March 2022: Ghostwire & Kirby

The Biggest New Games of March 2022: Ghostwire & Kirby

The Biggest New Games of March 2022: Ghostwire & Kirby

February 2022 was an exceptional month for video games. Sifu and Horizon Forbidden West are three great games that will keep you busy throughout March. The gaming industry is not content with what it has already done to your backlog. It’s ready to throw more at you.

You can find plenty of bangers in March 2022, whether you are fan shooters, wrestlers, or pink blobs with giant mouths. Here are the top new March 2022 games if you have the time.

March 2022: New Games


1. March 1st


Flying Wild Hog, a developer of the original Shadow Warrior series, has had a lot of success, as well as publisher Devolver Digital. They brought the foul-mouthed Lo Wang onto modern platforms with great gameplay. Is it outshined by the DOOM reboot, a hugely popular game? Yes, it has been beaten by DOOM reboot, but Shadow Warrior 3 still has the potential to be something extraordinary.

Shadow Warrior 3 abandons the looter-shooter format of the first game. Instead, you will be controlling Lo, who is responsible for slicing through demons on multiple levels. Flying Wild Hog admits that it’s not the most original idea globally. It promises to deliver a thrilling thrill ride, and we are confident it will.

2. March 3rd


Platinum is the best place to go if you need someone to create a character-action video game. Platinum is a leader in thrilling action games, having worked on such titles as Bayonetta and Nier Automata, Astral Chain, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Astral Chain. They are now collaborating with Square Enix on Babylon’s Fall, which may be their most ambitious yet.


Players control Sentinels. These mighty warriors are sent to climb the Tower of Babylon, filled with many monsters. You won’t be the only one because you can use the Gideon Coffin, which is a powerful tool that allows you to access four weapons at once, and you don’t have to wear it. The game will also feature 4 player co-op, with additional content added after launch.

This game is a good choice if you enjoy character action games.


The Biggest New Games of March 2022: Ghostwire & Kirby
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