Destiny 2: The Witch King - How to Unlock the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2: The Witch King – How to Unlock the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2: The Witch King - How to Unlock the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2: The Witch-King – How to Unlock the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher

Destiny2 has just launched its new expansion, The Witch Queen. There are many new toys available. One of these is Parasite. This new exotic weapon has a bizarre perk. It involves throwing a live Hive worm at enemies and seeing it explode into a fiery ball. This weapon is not easy to acquire, so let us break down the steps.

What is a Parasite? How does it work?

Parasite, an exotic heavy grenade-launcher, is now available in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. This weapon is similar to other heavy slot grenade launchers. It fires projectiles in an arc and explodes on impact.

Its intrinsic trait is Worm’s’sunger which causes Hive worms to explode upon impact. The number of enemies you have defeated before firing this weapon will affect the size and extent of the blast. Worm Byproduct is another unique feature of this weapon. This gives you bonus damage to your other weapons for several seconds after taking damage from the explosions of your worm projectile.

The weweapon’sasic function is two-fold. You will earn the Worm’s’sunger buff as you kill more people with the weapon. This buff will be applied before launching your first round from the firearm. After that, you can swap to the magazine with a new loaded magazine. You can also deal more damage to your other weapons if you get caught in the same explosion as a worm projectile. There is a fine line between getting killed and not getting killed by the Worm’s’sxplosive damage.

Parasite Exotic Weapon: Step-by-Step Guide

You can unlock PaParasite’sirst step by finishing The Witch QuQueen’sampaign on either Legendary or Normal difficulty. Players will be rewarded with the first step. To complete the quest, you should have at least 1520 Light levels. Some steps will require you to defeat enemies with very high Light levels.

After you have completed the campaign and spoken with Ikora at Enclave Mars, she will give a quest entitled “O” Queens and Worms”.”Once you receive this step, go to the Relic on Mars and follow the staircase towards the back. A staircase will lead you to a podium with a Hive Worm on it. You will be cut to meet Mara Sov (Queen of the Awoken) by interacting with the platform. Once the scene is over, you will need to choose the “B” birthplace of the Vile” “trike. This can be done by opening your SaSavathun’shrone World map and clicking the blue and white shield icon that says “B”, the birthplace of the Vile.”

“follow the normal strike objectives and yoyou’llear a special set of dialogues over the radio. You will then interact with the Deepsight prompt behind the rewards chest. You will interact with the spot and see a new table against the wall at the far end of the room. Talk to the table, and you yoyou’llear more dialogue. Once the strike is completed, return to SaSavathun’shrone World via Director. You can also speak to Fynch at the landing zone. You will receive an update to your quest with the objective “L” cate a Cryptoglyph Rune in the Temple of the Curing.” “lick on the icon to view your HUD and track the objective, making it easier to navigate the Throne World.

You will find a bridge that you can either cross on foot or by your Sparrow when you reach the Temple of the Cunning. You will find a group of Scorn near the bridge and a boss. After the boss is defeated, grab the rune that the boss drops. You will then be prompted for 100 Scorn to be killed in the Throne Land. These enemies can be any size, big or small. You can get kills fast in the Miasma region during a public event, where giant waves of enemies will spawn quite often.

Once you have accumulated enough kills to power the rurune’sune, the next step is to go to the Sepulcher Lost Sector in the Fluorescent canal area of SaSavathun’shrone World. This area is marked clearly on your map with a bright yellow icon. It can be easily tracked. Finding the Lost Sector on the ground can be confusing when you get to the area marked on your map.

YoYou’llind a tiered area with stairs near a large fountain. Turn around immediately after you have climbed the stairs. The wall at the Lost SeSector’sntry is marked with a white symbol. It is located behind the giant fountain that is under an overhang. Continue as normal through the Lost Sector until you defeat the boss. Talk to the Deepsight prompt near the chest. Then, locate the podium behind the white Hive statue. You will enjoy a fascinating conversation with the Hiveworm.

Destiny 2: The Witch King – How to Unlock the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher
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