Call of Duty is Looking to a "Subscription-Based Future", Job Listing Hints

Call of Duty is Looking to a “Subscription-Based Future”, Job Listing Hints

Call of Duty is looking to a "Subscription-Based Future", Job Listing Hints

Call of Duty is looking to a “Subscription-Based Future”, Job Listing Hints.


What do you think we all need more of, I am sure? Subscribe to services in the games that we have already purchased. I love spending real cash on virtual items and perks that should have been available from the beginning. Is this what you mean?

It doesn’t matter what the fans think, but it seems like some games companies will rake up any extra cash they can. A monthly subscription service is the best way to do this. An Activision job posting indicates that the Call of Duty series may be moving in that direction, which I’m sure will delight everyone.

@CharlieIntel spotted the job listing on Twitter. It reads, “2022 is an exceptional opportunity for Call of Duty, with an extraordinary line-up of innovations in multi-platform gaming play, subscription-based content and mobile game development, and a move towards always-on community and player connectivity.” This is called “CoD 2.0”.

The “subscription-based content,” although it is only one aspect of the “extraordinary line-up of innovations,” clearly big changes are on the way for this franchise if they refer to it as CoD 2.0. It suggests that the series will be relaunched as it is now. It could be an independent thing that runs alongside major releases, such as Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone.

It’s unlikely that this will be true, regardless of its source. Rockstar last week announced GTA+ as a subscription service for GTA online. Subscribers can access triple rewards for certain missions, waived car meet fees and the ability to upgrade items without charge. Perhaps most importantly, they get $500,000 worth of in-game currency. Fans are not thrilled and have been generating a lot of backlashes online. The service was launched today so we will have to wait to see how many people end up purchasing it. I’m sure that the CoD team will be watching carefully from a safe distance.

Call of Duty is Looking to a “Subscription-Based Future”, Job Listing Hints
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