Razer Easter deals for gaming headsets

Razer Easter deals for gaming headsets

Razer Easter deals for gaming headsets

Razer Easter deals for gaming headsets

Razer has announced price reductions on a wide range of their gaming headsets, following the release of their game-changing Kraken V3 Pro gaming headphone. If you have been looking at your old headset and wishing for something better, then you may be in luck.

Razer deals for Easter – Gaming headsets

You are very lucky, dear reader. Razer has reduced the price of their mice and keyboards this Easter. They have also extended this offer to their headsets. Their headsets are generally well-received for their comfort and audio quality. Let’s take a look at the Easter deals.

Razer Kraken V3 X – 51% off

Razer’s main line of headsets is the Kraken. They come in a range of prices and are well-known for their reliability and build quality. Razer has reduced the price of Kraken V3X by 51%. This is an especially good deal, as the headset was already priced at the low end of the market. The headset has a standard 3.4mm connector, which means it is compatible with PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PCs. You can also enhance the sound quality by using the USB sound card included.

Razer KairaX for PlayStation – 37% Discount

Are you looking for something specific to your console during the Razer Easter Deals? Razer isn’t forgetting you! Razer is offering 37% off the Kaira X. Although it doesn’t have the same haptic drivers as the Kaira Pro Hypersense headset, the Kaira X is still an excellent headset and well worth the money. Razer has also taken 37% off the price tag. The stunning, two-tone black and white design perfectly complements the PS5

Razer Nommo Pro speakers – 28% off

Although this headset isn’t actually a headset, the Nommo Pro speakers from Razer are some of the most impressive and cost-effective speakers they have made. We reviewed the Razer nommo pro speakers and were impressed by the powerful bass. It’s still, to the best of our knowledge, one of the best gaming bass solutions. The Nommo Pros’ RGB lighting and design are great fun and will make your gaming setup stand out. They were highly recommended back then and the price has dropped so much that we are recommending them even more.

What time do Razer Easter sales end?

You have plenty of time to make your purchase decisions. The sale will continue until April 24. This means you don’t need to rush to grab your next device to quickly buy before the end of the deal. This is a refreshing experience, particularly if you are concerned about your health due to the volatility of Black Friday sales.

Razer Easter deals for gaming headsets
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