Elden Ring Modder Game to Make it More Fun

Elden Ring Modder Game to Make it More Fun

Elden Ring Modder Game to Make it More Fun

Elden Ring Modder Game to Make it More Fun

Elden Ring can make it difficult to navigate.

Sometimes, no matter what medieval power you have, there’s just one boss battle that’s just too hard for you, but not enough to justify looking for a way to make it easier .

A new mod may be able to cater to those who only need minor changes to their Elden Ring experience.

Elden Ring gets a little rejigging

The mod in question is called “Elden re-balance” and is the work of outstandingly named modder trexstolemycontroller, whose goal was to “make the game more enjoyable” via a series of tweaks.

These changes will affect enemies and game difficulty. Stamina damage and enemy damage will be reduced by 25%.

If you choose to play a new game with playthrough, the enemy damage that they inflict will be reduced will get a slight buff. However, unlike the vanilla game’s stamina and poise damage, their posture levels will not change.

Things are a bit more rosy for your character. There are talismans that offer more effective restoration of stats, from health and perfume potency. Just in case you can’t convince the bosses,

Similar treatments have been given to the flask for wondrous physick as well as all other consumables from dried liver to cured meats.

You can also be affected by magic incantations, with their durations being increased to allow you to reap the benefits for a few more seconds. This may be enough to help you strike that all-important killing blow.

Minor edits are also made to Smithing and the Ashes of War, in order to give your weaponry more power.

Merchant inventories are finally being reorganized. Merchant Kale, the Mohgwyn Dynasty merchant, twin maidens and Pidia, the carian, all now sell infinite quantities of specific items.

To properly install the mod, ensure you first grab Mod Engine 2.

Get ready to jump into an Elden Ring that is a little different. Follow us to get more updates about the wild worlds of Skyrim or Fallout moddering.

Elden Ring Modder Game to Make it More Fun
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