Major PlayStation 5 error resets console to factory settings

Major PlayStation 5 error resets console to factory settings

Major PlayStation 5 error resets console to factory settings


Be warned, PS5 users – an alarming error has recently been reported online which forces people to reset their console back to its factory settings – quite worrying indeed!

Sony’s next-gen console has never been an invincible piece of tech. Users have reported having their PS5 bricked after being left plugged in during thunderstorms; unfortunately this led me to unplug mine whenever there’s been even the faintest thunder outside! Recently however, Final Fantasy XVI players reported experiencing overheated consoles during boss battles or cutscenes – something Sony should address immediately with any such updates in future releases.

Now, one Reddit user has reported an unexpected issue which may strike more quickly than lightning itself: BradtotheRad on r/playstation reported an error message which appeared while they were playing Diablo IV on their console.

“Sorry! Something went wrong; your console must be reset back to factory defaults in order for gameplay to resume. To complete the reset process, select [OK].”

Well that was disconcerting! Based on their thread, it remains unclear as to how this happened – though they were playing Diablo IV when it happened, this doesn’t suggest the game itself caused this issue – no other users appear to have reported this same problem online. Once resolved however, one user later stated: “It’s fine now; we had to download some stuff again but everything’s working great. Thank goodness. ”

Every PlayStation Plus subscriber automatically backs up all their save data to the cloud, giving peace of mind for players concerned that something may happen to their data. Otherwise, USB drives offer another means of protecting console data if PS Plus membership isn’t an option: just connect one, plug into settings > System Software, follow through until Backup & Restore and finally ‘Back Up Your PS5’ is visible – don’t leave anything important unprotected! Stay safe friends.

Major PlayStation 5 error resets console to factory settings
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