Fans generally consider Uncharted 2 to be Naughty Dog's finest game.

Fans generally consider Uncharted 2 to be Naughty Dog’s finest game.

Fans generally consider Uncharted 2 to be Naughty Dog’s finest game.


Naughty Dog’s fans have come together in what can only be described as an intense debate: which game from Naughty Dog should be their favourite. Fans seem divided, though many seem to favor Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as the one and only contender to beat post-apocalyptic powerhouse games such as Fallout 4.

Naughty Dog has had an unexpectedly difficult few months despite being one of the industry’s premier studios. When The Last of Us Part I released, PC port was plagued with bugs. As fans eagerly anticipated the unveiling of The Last of Us multiplayer release, Naughty Dog revealed it had gone back to drawing board on this project. Insiders say it was originally set for release this summer; however, an internal review conducted by Bungie left Naughty Dog uncertain of its long-term viability and so development is currently on an unknown single player experience; there have been reports that filming of The Last of Us Part III may already have begun so hopefully soon Naughty Dog will get back on track; until then fans have enjoyed exploring its robust back catalogue.

Reddit user Aumius kicked off this discussion, prompting an overwhelming amount of praise for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves released in 2009. Son_of_atreus shared his appreciation by noting, “Uncharted 2 is my all-time favourite action movie/game ever, featuring fantastic characters, an intriguing central plot/macguffin, and incredible action sequences,” while MarshallBanana_ declared, “This game stands alone as my favourite in terms of story pacing, balance in combat, set pieces, set pieces; its overall story pacing.” Onikouzou concluded by noting, “I don’t often replay games but three times since 2009!”

Uncharted 2 is unquestionably incredible – that train sequence in particular remains one of my all-time gaming highlights! However, The Lost Legacy remains my preferred pick as an unpopular but vastly underrated title – though recent evidence points towards its return with PS5 ads showing Uncharted’s future appearing again!

Plenty of Naughty Dog releases were brought up as well; Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and The Last of Us Part II were mentioned most frequently. Personally, my vote goes for The Last of Us Part II!

Fans generally consider Uncharted 2 to be Naughty Dog’s finest game.
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