5 Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon

5 Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon

5 Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon


Destiny 2 features an abundance of non-player characters. Due to this fact, it can be challenging for the narrative to keep track of everyone at once; each season and expansion focuses on certain subsets – in Season of Defiance it was Crow, Mithrax, Devrim and Amanda Holliday; for Lightfall it was Osiris and Nimbus; Here are a few characters we missed hearing from in Season of the Deep or an upcoming one!

1. Ada-1 — Destiny 2 Characters We Miss

We ache to see Ada return as Queen of the Forges; what has she been up to all this time, are Forges ever coming back, or is her role basically done within Destiny 2 storylines? Hopefully not; Ada remains an engaging character currently being wasted as cosmetic vendor; who wouldn’t love an updated Forge system integrating crafting, all managed and overseen by Ada?

2. Ikora Rey

We haven’t heard much from Ikora lately; she got some play in Witch Queen but we would love to know what her opinion on Osiris’ adventures on Neomuna is; what her views on Strand are; or whether or not she intends on filling in that Hunter Vanguard role (inquiring minds are out to discover).


Our last glimpse of Drifter came during Season of Plunder. Since his introduction in Destiny 2, Drifter appears to have softened since getting involved with Eris, Mithrax, and Eido despite what may seem to be contrary opinions on their part. His character arc as an isolated individual gradually opening up is an age-old tale; we hope Drifter gets more room to develop soon – leaks regarding Taken Reckoning weapons could indicate this possibility!

4. Orin

Speaking of Drifters, do you recall Orin, Emissary of the Nine? At present, most Destiny 2 players likely only recognize her from appearances at the Prophecy Dungeon endpoint, yet at one time Orin played an even larger part. She ran Trials of Osiris before they existed as an activity and before becoming associated with The Nine she fought alongside Saint-14 against Dark Age forces with Pilgrim Guard forces during Dark Age battles – perhaps it is time for their return? The Nine have been silent – could this be their time?

5. Failsafe from Destiny 2 Nessus remains inexplicably undestroyed despite having seen numerous strikes within Destiny 2, perhaps as it remains an open site of conflict. Given this is unlikely, could we please check in with Failsafe? She seems disengaged since nothing much has changed at Failsafe’s house recently – maybe we could give this AI some form of life support in form of Exo body enhancement or something?

5 Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon
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