Destiny 2 Season 21 Supers Are Set for Massive PVE Rewards

Destiny 2 Season 21 Supers Are Set for Massive PVE Rewards

Destiny 2 Season 21 Supers Are Set for Massive PVE Rewards


Supers have always made an impressive statement when it comes to PVE (Player versus Environment) gameplay in Destiny 2. While staple Supers like Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn, Golden Gun and Shadowshot remain highly effective abilities that frequently find use within PVE activity, other super abilities might lack both functionality and damage output compared to others in their subclasses – something Bungie plans on changing through future patch updates on various Destiny 2 Supers across each subclass – like Chaos Reach becoming useful during endgame activities through enhancements that look set to buffs across each subclass subclass! Bungie also recently posted about an update regarding such plans regarding revamps coming for various Destiny 2 Supers across three subclasses which aim at increasing function as well as damage output; to help with these potential changes they intend to provide buffs across each subclass, with each ability expected in both function and damage output in future updates on many, future updates to various Destiny 2 Supers coming their respective buffs will provide boosts regarding function or damage output from these abilities such as Chaos Reach so it becomes useful end game activities!

Starting now, all Supers will gain an additional 20% damage resistance against all PVE sources in-game to enhance survivability – especially given that enemies now hit harder. As previously discussed, Warlocks Chaos Reach will experience a 25% damage increase when used PVE with any sustained damage on any target causing lighting jolts to hit enemies surrounding it and potentially kill weaker foes nearby. Even when targeted only once at any one time, however, your lighting jolts have the power to kill weaker enemies nearby! Your strafe speed has been increased from 3.5 meters per second (m/s) to 4.5, as has your player damage resistance from 40% to 50%. Furthermore, Bungie has taken measures to address camera issues within this Super and will make adjustments so your body no longer blocks what you are shooting at.

Stormtrance has seen some much-deserved love as well, receiving an astounding 25% PVE damage increase and now only taking three seconds to reach maximum. Your Landfall and seekers now jolt enemies making this roaming Super even more fearsome! Stasis Super Winter’s Wrath received an increase of 10% while Solar subclass Daybreak no longer blocks your view when unleashing fiery death upon opponents. Nova Bomv received an amazing 20% PVE increase while Nova Warp saw 15% increases to its damage output plus now makes enemies hit Volatile upon impact!

Hunters rejoice! A variety of Supers are getting some impressive upgrades this month! Both versions of Golden Gun will receive a 20% damage increase to keep up with Celestial Nighthawk and his heavy attacks, while Spectral Blades PVE damage has been increased by 35% and now weaken enemies when used against them! My personal favorite Super is Gathering Storm which already excels at PVE; now its PVP damage has also been significantly bolstered from 40-60 lightning tick damage as it deals damage against Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn defenses making Gathering Storm an invaluable defensive counter against defensive Supers like Well of Radiance or Ward of Dawn as it deals damage against these defensive supers!

Titans: Glacial Quake of your Stasis Super has had its thrust speed increased by 10% when in Super. Also, your light attack damage increased 20%. Furthermore, Fists of Havoc received numerous changes such as increasing heavy attack damage by 33% PVE damage buff and blinding enemies; your light and heavy attacks Super meter costs were decreased to 6% and 12% respectively; Sentinel Shield received a 20% PVE increase while Hammer of Sol and Burning Maul each received 10% buffs that now scorch enemies it touches; Burning Maul will leave sunspots behind when equipped.

All of these Super buffs will go live when Destiny 2 Season 21 releases later this month.

Destiny 2 Season 21 Supers Are Set for Massive PVE Rewards
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