Destiny 2's Supremacy Mode Is Both Engaging and Unique

Destiny 2’s Supremacy Mode Is Both Engaging and Unique

Destiny 2’s Supremacy Mode Is Both Engaging and Unique


Destiny 2’s annual Guardian Games event has returned, this time featuring Supremacy as its new PVP mode. In Supremacy, two teams of six class-coordinated Guardians compete against one another with each collecting crests from fallen enemies to score points – an intriguing concept in theory but often messy when put into practice.

Supremacy does not appear to use traditional service-based matchmaking for its matches; rather, connection-based matchmaking appears to be used instead. This could be related to its team composition restrictions: each team must comprise entirely one class of Guardian before being matched up against another one of different classes; therefore matchmaking cannot locate full teams, leading to unbalanced 5v6 matchups instead.

Supremacy also lacks the fireteam-based matchmaking that’s been introduced in other Destiny 2 Crucible playlists; although this makes sense given class restrictions, solo players are much more likely to encounter stacks than in other modes. Furthermore, matches last until one team scores 150 points; potentially leading to unbalanced rounds that require hours-long matches before someone finally scores enough points!

Does all this get tedious at times? Yes. Does it limit our time in Supremacy once Event Challenges for Guardian Games are completed? Sure. Nonetheless, none of this really matters that much; Bungie experimenting like this with Destiny 2 Supremacy mode remains limited-time mode so perhaps occasionally being faced off against an army of Titans casting Ward of Dawn is worth experiencing once in awhile!

Destiny 2’s Supremacy Mode Is Both Engaging and Unique
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