Next Season in Destiny 2, Darkness Subclass Updates Will Arrive.

Next Season in Destiny 2, Darkness Subclass Updates Will Arrive.

Next Season in Destiny 2, Darkness Subclass Updates Will Arrive.


Bungie released today a comprehensive post outlining all of the updates coming in Season 21 for Destiny 2, such as changes to Strand and Stasis power sets. While Bungie previously revealed some minor tweaks to Strand abilities, here is the full list of adjustments coming up during season 21 that might surprise you: see here: changes coming to Darkness subclasses; starting off with Strand abilities!

Update to Destiny 2’s Darkness Subclass — Strand Hunter/Thread Spike Increased projectile travel range before returning to player by 30% and increased PvE combatant damage by 55%
Slightly decreased speed as dart returns to player in order to make catching it easier, increased energy gain for each enemy hit, and now penetrates Cabal Phalanx shields.
Titan — Destiny 2 Darkness Subclass Updates Frenzied Blade
Reducing cooldown based on how many melee charges the player has stored is now prioritized over catch actions when an enemy target comes within grapple melee range of it.
At zero charges, cooldown is decreased by 15%; at two charges it reduces by 30%. On Warlock Arcane Needle players can decrease the cooldown depending on how many melee charges have been stored by decreasing its cooldown by 15% for every melee charge in storage.

At zero charges, cooldown was reduced by 15%; with two charges, cooldown decreased by 30-35%. Projectile speed was adjusted based on flight duration: initial velocity increased from 30 meters per second (up from 30), to 40 (from 30), with final velocity increasing up from 60 (from 60). Tracking strength also improved by approximately 10 percentage points and gripple size decreased slightly; these metrics may provide insight for projectile tracking improvement in future releases of Grapple 2.0 software.
Reduced base cooldown from 105 seconds to 82 seconds. Reduced minimum time between grapple activations from 2.5s to 0.2s. mes Thread of Generation
Decreased energy generation provided by some damage-over-time mechanics.
Reduced Trace Rifles energy generation by 36%.
While expected, Thread of Generation’s reduction was nonetheless unexpected and will hit Warlock Strand builds that utilize ingesting your grenades for Weaver’s Trance buff very hard. We were already expecting Grapple cooldown reduction, though its presence here makes an appearance pleasing; also appreciated were buffs to each class’ melee abilities as players often felt lacking for Strand subclasses.

Destiny 2 Darkness Subclass Updates in Season 21 — Stasis Hunter Withering Blade
Increased projectile tracking search range on bounce versus players by 20% and increased maximum tracking strength by 12.5%.
Titan Shiver Strike Maximum thrust while flying has increased 16%.
Reduce maximum downward influence of gravity during flight by 18%. Howl of the Storm
Expand width of freezing cone against players by 31%. Warlock Frostpulse.
Stasis now grants 2 meters of additional melee lunge range after activating for 1.2 seconds, making them more competitive with Strand abilities in Crucible battles. Frostpulse’s melee lunge buff makes this ability particularly intriguing.

What do you think about these modifications to Darkness subclasses in Destiny 2? Tell us all in the comments section!

Next Season in Destiny 2, Darkness Subclass Updates Will Arrive.
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