Here Are The New Strand Aspects Coming to Destiny 2

Here Are The New Strand Aspects Coming to Destiny 2

Here Are The New Strand Aspects Coming to Destiny 2


Bungie previously announced that three new Strand aspects would be added to Destiny 2 during Season of the Deep; one for each class. Now in today’s TWAB post, Bungie provided details about what these aspects will actually do; players will also get new quests in Season of the Deep to earn them. Below is what each class can accomplish when these aspects arrive!

Hunters will soon gain the Threaded Specter aspect. When using their class ability with this aspect equipped, activation will leave behind a Strand decoy that draws in combatants near it and when damaged enough, will explode sending forth Threadlings as threadlings into combatant ranks. It’s quite unique; we don’t really have decoy effects in Destiny 2 currently so this new aspect provides Hunters an intriguing new mechanic they can play around with that could significantly expand its viability in high-level PVE environments.

Destiny 2 introduces the Flechette Storm Titan Strand aspect, enabling Titans to perform charged melee attacks while sliding, knocking enemies away while dealing damage and then activating their melee ability in midair to launch clusters of Unraveling projectiles – this aspect provides them with additional ranged effectiveness which should come in handy against enemies! This aspect may resemble one of Solar Titan aspects but should give Strand Titans more ranged effectiveness, which should make for some satisfying battles against Solar titans!

Warlocks will soon receive The Wanderer. This Strand aspect enhances Tangles by attaching to enemies and exploding into suspending bursts when hit, creating more suspending bursts than ever. In addition, Threadling final blows now create Tangles as well – this addition sounds quite neat since Tangles can be lots of fun to fiddle around with; not to mention improving threadlings themselves and improving threadling threadling final blows even further; Tangles themselves make great playthings so having this aspect improves all three while suspending enemies without needing shackles is also wonderful – as is being able to suspend enemies without using Shackle grenades is truly awesome too!

What do you think about the new Strand features coming to Destiny 2 in Season of the Deep? Please share your opinions in the comments.

Here Are The New Strand Aspects Coming to Destiny 2
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