PlayStation has quietly retired two popular titles.

PlayStation has quietly retired two popular titles.

PlayStation has quietly retired two popular titles.


Bad news, folks – two multiplayer PlayStation games have just been permanently discontinued and players must make do with alternative plans moving forward.

No lie; live-service games give me anxiety for this very reason. With any single-player or even multi-player game with single player mode (for which this holds true even), knowing you will always have access to it no matter the circumstances as long as your disc or cartridge remain undamaged, allows you to continue enjoying its contents long into the future if nostalgia sets in; unfortunately this cannot be said of games which rely solely on multiplayer servers to function.

ComicBook reports that Lemnis Gate and Dreadnought both experienced significant outages yesterday (11 July). Both games have been permanently discontinued on all platforms – impacting players of Dreadnought on PC as well as fans of Lemnis Gate on PC, Xbox One and Series X/S alike.

Dreadnought was an entertaining free-to-play flight sim shooter game which first released for PS4 in 2017. As captains of massive spaceships, players could fight it out against rival ships using various weaponry in 8v8 matches while shooting down enemy vessels using your spaceship’s missile launchers and weapons.

Lemnis Gate was an unconventional turn-based strategy FPS game featuring 25-second rounds set within time loops. Players in Lemnis Gate were encouraged to consider past, present and future strategies when devising ways of taking down enemies; it first released in September 2021 – so not too long ago at all!

As there’s no longer any way to play either game, this truly marks an end of an era for those still passionately committed fans of either.

PlayStation has quietly retired two popular titles.
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