Parasite Eve Remake Trailer concept is absolutely mesmerising.

Parasite Eve Remake Trailer concept is absolutely mesmerising.

Parasite Eve Remake Trailer concept is absolutely mesmerising.


Parasite Eve has received the AAA remake treatment with an exciting concept trailer that’s leaving everyone gasping in amazement.

Two iconic horror franchises in gaming – Resident Evil and Silent Hill – have received remakes, giving fans of both titles another dose of terror with fresh visuals.

Resident Evil 4 (2023) proved that horror remakes can still bring thrills – with Resident Evil 4 (2023) receiving tremendous reviews and Silent Hill 2 being touted to deliver frighteningly accurate depictions, there seems to be few limits when it comes to creating thrilling adaptations of classic tales like Silent Hill 2.

With that in mind, perhaps Square Enix’s Parasite Eve should make its comeback on PlayStation. Released back in 1998 for this platform, Parasite Eve featured Aya Brea as she attempted to stop an evil supernatural entity known as Eve from wiping out humanity and saving Aya’s world from destruction.

At its launch in 2003, Aeon Zohar’s classic game scored well with both players and critics, leading to two sequels as time progressed; since then however, nothing else had been released in its sequel series or remake form until now when an ambitious concept trailer for remake is making the rounds on YouTube by Aeon Zohar; fans are going crazy over it!

This video featured an updated cutscene that transitions into one of the combat encounters and quickly garnered over 10,000 likes and over 1,000 positive comments praising its remake.

“Parasite Eve should receive more attention; its first installment remains unappreciated by many.”

“Looks amazing; PE is one game I desperately wish was modernized!”

“While we wait with hope for any news about Parasite Eve remake or any related film project, all I can say is thank you so much for creating something this amazing.”

Square Enix’s recent track record with remakes (such as Final Fantasy VII remaster and its HD versions ) makes sense: with them adapting beloved horror games such as Parasite Eve for modern audiences it could make sense for them to revisit an older horror series like Parasite Eve once more.

Who knows whether this dream will ever become reality; for now though it’s encouraging that fans are keeping classic games alive through their own creations.

Parasite Eve Remake Trailer concept is absolutely mesmerising.
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