Xbox gamer switches to PlayStation and praises The Last Of Us as "greatest game ever".

Xbox gamer switches to PlayStation and praises The Last Of Us as “greatest game ever”.

Xbox gamer switches to PlayStation and praises The Last Of Us as “greatest game ever”.


Naughty Dog is widely recognized for being one of the industry’s premier developers and Sony’s go-to partner when it comes to PlayStation games.

Uncharted or The Last of Us have both proven themselves system sellers for many. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on Naughty Dog’s next Uncharted game to come out for PlayStation 5, so get on it Naughty Dog!

Once released in 2013 for PS3, The Last of Us instantly established itself as one of the greatest video games ever, garnering much critical acclaim for its visuals, storytelling and intense combat that saw players battle to survive an post-apocalyptic world plagued by Cordyceps virus.

At the core of its tale lies Ellie and Joel’s relationship, one which will tug at fans’ emotional hearts for years. Once kindhearted and family oriented Joel has since been corrupted by this harsh new world; while Ellie is seen by rebel group known as Fireflies as necessary to humanity’s survival.

Due to fanboyism on one platform or another, some gamers may never experience what other platforms have to offer and the concept of switching Nathan Drake for Master Chief or Marcus Phoenix for Kratos is simply inconceivable – yet I still can’t comprehend why gamers cannot simply reap all their hard work with pride and enjoy all its benefits!

One Xbox gamer who recently switched over to PlayStation has made an astonishing discovery; The Last of Us is his all-time favourite game! I find myself hard put to disagree.

ArcadianEuphoria recently switched from Xbox to PS and completed The Last of Us: Part I for the first time – “this might just be one of my all-time favourite games! Can’t wait for Part II!” she exclaimed.

Recently made the transition from Xbox to PS and have completed The Last of Us Part 1 for the first time: this may well be my favorite videogame ever! Can’t wait for Part 2.
by @ArcadianEuphoria in TheLastofUs.

Redditors who enjoy The Last of Us Part II may find the sequel somewhat surprising; Reddit threads were filled with support and congratulations for those living with Cordyceps who found out they’re survivors, much as I do!

“Good Luck with Part II; It will surely be one of your wildest journeys as long as you keep an open mind!” recommended MorningFirm5374. According to PPrice: “Bring on part two!” and enjoy playing this one too, as my husband and I did just so we could experience DrGrantSeeker.

Furthermore, The Last of Us Part II is widely considered one of the pinnacles of video game graphics, while reports claim its third game could arrive sooner than anticipated.

Immediate releases include The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation, while PC and PS5 owners can now get The Original Last of Us: Remake Edition as part of The Original Last of Us Remaster Collection.

Xbox gamer switches to PlayStation and praises The Last Of Us as “greatest game ever”.
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