The Wolf Among Us has become one of gaming's greatest tales.

The Wolf Among Us has become one of gaming’s greatest tales.

The Wolf Among Us has become one of gaming’s greatest tales.


Storytelling is an artform no matter the medium used; be it novels, TV, movies or video games – storytelling has the ability to either enhance or diminish entertainment value depending on its quality of story telling.

Telltale Games has long been known for masterful storytelling in their development studio titles; unfortunately they ceased operating in October 2018 due to financial reasons; but were quickly revived shortly thereafter by LCG Entertainment.

As part of its effort, when the studio was saved, all intellectual properties were retained – this means fans of The Walking Dead, Batman: The Telltale Series, Minecraft: Story Mode and The Wolf Among Us could continue enjoying these works (except perhaps Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series which unfortunately is no longer digitally available but may exist as physical copies somewhere).

Telltale Games’ Choose Your Own Adventure formula allows players to chart the course of their story as their decisions alter its path – though some could argue the end result would always result in at least two predetermined conclusions. But for me personally, no matter the outcome it was always more about how I got there; no spoilers here: but season one’s conclusion left me in floods of tears (if you know, then you know).

Telltale Games’ 2013 hit title The Wolf Among Us was undoubtedly its defining masterpiece. Like their other offerings, The Wolf Among Us uses comic-book-esque cel-shaded visuals while adapting classic fairytale fables into its narratives.

Redditors on Reddit have taken to extolling The Wolf Among Us’ storytelling prowess as one of its highlights; mydixxierect2 kicked off their debate by declaring, “10/10 for linear storytelling!”

“Both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead season one were fantastic games with fantastic storytelling!” declared Lilacor. SeriouslywtfX2 agreed, declaring them to be far superior to anything from comic books; anjthecoomdoom concluded by calling The Walking Dead season 1 the best Telltale title available so far.

Fans of The Wolf Among Us will be excited to know that its sequel is on its way; originally scheduled to come out this year but recently postponed in order to ensure its quality meets standard and avoid crunch hours as quickly as possible.

Now available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile devices is the original The Wolf Among Us game.

The Wolf Among Us has become one of gaming’s greatest tales.
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