Starfield players have already begun building their ships.

Starfield players have already begun building their ships.

Starfield players have already begun building their ships.


Bethesda and Microsoft both predict that Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG Starfield will become one of the biggest hits of 2017.

Recently, Microsoft has fallen behind when it comes to offering exclusive titles on Xbox, while Sony continues its dominance through PlayStation 5 titles. Fans are hoping that Starfield lives up to all expectations – or better! – before its release later this year.

While fans eagerly anticipate Starfield, one has been keeping extremely busy by building spaceships despite it still being two or three months from launch. How is he or she doing this, you might ask?

Starfield spaceships have been created using Blender, with images being shared via Reddit by user Its_all_pixels. While their appearance resembles that of their creation suite in Starfield, unfortunately these models cannot be imported directly into it for gaming use.

Bethesda was so inspired by this creation, they took to Twitter and shared it. It’s great seeing this player’s vision come to fruition – we hope that soon this trend will spread and take off!

With Starfield Creations in mind, Bethesda’s sci-fi may offer more in-depth character creation options than we initially assumed – an eager fan even admitted the hype surrounding Starfield was keeping them going through depression; an upstanding Reddit thread rallied behind their support!

Starfield will launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on 6 September 2023 unless preordering either of its Premium or Constellation Editions, in which case release day would be 1 September. Don’t forget that Xbox Game Pass users can enjoy Starfield too – enjoy!

Starfield players have already begun building their ships.
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