Double Dragon Gaiden Brings Retro Gaming into Modern Times

Double Dragon Gaiden Brings Retro Gaming into Modern Times

Double Dragon Gaiden Brings Retro Gaming into Modern Times


Although Double Dragon has long been one of the cornerstones of beat ’em up gaming, its name does not carry as much recognition. While Double Dragon Neon received widespread acclaim when released ten years ago, fans have since been waiting eagerly for another proper entry from this franchise; with Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons just getting underway it may prove one of its true highlights — or not for everyone.

DDG: Rise Of The Dragons plunges players headlong into the whimsical world of Double Dragon, set in an alternate reality New York City devastated by nuclear warfare in 199X. Four rival gangs rule over all, so residents turn to martial arts experts Billy and Jimmy Lee – along with longtime girlfriend Marian (now playable as her own character) and newcomer Uncle Matin for protection and revenge against these violent criminals. Together you take to the streets in pursuit of justice!

As is typical with beat ’em ups, the gameplay in Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons follows its genre conventions by having players fight their way through waves of goons before reaching an eventual boss at the end. There is your basic “mash X” combo attack along with special moves on Y that allow ending combos or dealing massive damage; though these moves might appear standard in other beat ’em ups. To set this game apart from its competition there are unique elements and ideas within this title such as its tag mechanics or its roguelike structure of its levels giving more choice regarding progress; all this gives more freedom of action on players part while giving a challenge on how best they want to progress than any other title that exist within this genre – making Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons truly unique from its competitors like other genre games in giving more choices about progressing throughout this adventure!

Double Dragon Gaiden allows players to choose two characters and switch between them as soon as their special gauge fills. This feature can help during combos or when being attacked by enemies; being able to switch characters quickly allows you to turn the tide against them more effectively than using just one character and only switching once their health drops drastically; though experienced players will gain far greater value from using both at their disposal to crush those standing in your way!

Of course, that special gauge also controls special moves; players can only utilize special moves when their gauge is full; when doing so however, players can chain different special moves together to deal maximum damage. Furthermore, killing three enemies with one special move triggers an added Crowd Control bonus which awards you with healing items; having such reliable support when the game throws massive waves of enemies at you is invaluable and crucial!

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons stands apart from other beat ’em ups with its unique roguelike nature of its campaign mode. Players are given four levels to select, one representing each gang; upon finishing one level and buying upgrades from random vendors available during it’s completion; however, subsequent levels become tougher with more enemies to defeat but greater rewards than previously. Eventually all four levels must be finished!

Double Dragon Gaiden adds another strategic layer to gameplay; each level contains bosses and challenges unique to themselves; these give players more choices about which tasks are easier or harder than expected, earning money faster, or taking care of any problematic bosses that threaten a run later. While this system offers replay value before becoming monotonous over time, some would likely prefer something simpler like linear progression with upgrades over moves or stats available for upgrading.

Replayability will only become clear once the full build goes live; but Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons certainly delivers when it comes to gameplay. For solo or cooperative play alike, Double Dragon Gaiden’s Rise Of The Dragons delivers on many fronts; plenty to look forward to here!

Double Dragon Gaiden Brings Retro Gaming into Modern Times
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