Ghostwire: Tokyo Is An Amazing Atmosphere

Ghostwire: Tokyo Is An Amazing Atmosphere

Ghostwire: Tokyo Is An Amazing Atmosphere


Atmosphere can make or break a game. Ensuring an immersive world for players to inhabit can be tricky, yet those that succeed become some of the most memorable experiences ever played. I only recently found time to give Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo its due attention – and what an atmospheric experience! I found the atmosphere captivating as the paranormal adventure played through by Bethesda is unlike anything I have experienced previously! It oozes character from start to finish!

Ghostwire does have more going for it than just its atmosphere, though. Combat is engaging enough and something of note about an FPS that doesn’t rely on guns of gradually increasing size; demon design is impressive too – with plenty of virtual monsters to give nightmares should The Grudge or The Ring have ever scared away children too young for such cinema.

Ghostwire: Tokyo stands apart from other games with its general ambience and setting; in Shibuya alone 200,000 citizens suddenly vanish into thin air before main character Akito’s body becomes fused with K.K. This all results in an equally chilling yet relaxing setting for Akito to navigate.

Ghostwire’s version of Tokyo feels frozen in time after everyone was suddenly erased – much to our dismay – due to all its inhabitants having vanished so suddenly. Once vibrant metropolises such as this now exist in an almost abandoned state; packs of monsters may roam freely for Akito and K.K. to deal with, but often large portions of time pass without anyone doing much at all – these periods provide plenty of opportunities to shine for Ghostwire.

GhostWire: Tokyo Although Ghostwire’s version of Tokyo may contain too much litter to truly live up to this accolade, you still feel as if you are exploring an eerie city composed of empty space; something which unnerves many players when confronted by monsters in GhostWire’s Tokyo edition.

Ghostwire gives players plenty of power to explore, with tools and abilities designed to allow for vertical exploration unlike what may be found in traditional open world shooters. You will likely spend much of your game time leaping between rooftops saving spirits as they appear; these moments often provide Ghostwire’s most serene moments despite having otherworldly beings roaming Shibuya streets which could potentially bring danger; I find them absolutely captivating!

Empty city vibes have been captured beautifully in films like Vanilla Sky or 28 Days Later, yet few other big budget games can rival Ghostwire: Tokyo in creating this creepy silence of an unoccupied metropolis. Once rain begins falling it only heightens that feeling further while exploring Japanese cities can add even greater dimension. Combine all this with their fascinating architecture for something truly memorable!

Ghostwire: Tokyo offers plenty to discover within its vast world, from collectibles and enemies alike, but playing only makes me desire more games that allow me to run around empty cityscapes, stopping to pet good dogs before fighting monsters if necessary. Ghostwire’s atmosphere truly stands out as unrivaled!

Ghostwire: Tokyo Is An Amazing Atmosphere
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