Fans agree The Matrix needs a remake.

Fans agree The Matrix needs a remake.

Fans agree The Matrix needs a remake.


At a time when remakes seem possible with any effort put forth, gamers eagerly anticipate an updated or remastered edition of Enter the Matrix.

Enter the Matrix was released for PC, GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 back in 2003 – concurrent with The Matrix Reloaded’s release that month – featuring story elements set during that film sequel’s plot arc and including over an hour worth of footage not featured in its running time. As an action adventure game it proved an ideal companion experience to those avid followers of these films!

Even though Enter the Matrix may not come up too often these days, many Redditors believe it deserves its own remake: After viewing Unreal Engine 5 Matrix demo[,] how many remember Enter the Matrix on PS2?” asked Advanced-Swordfish74 on Reddit. I remember thinking both graphics and physics [were] top notch at that time so would love to see something similar come out for PS5! Who agrees?”

Unsurprisingly, plenty do. “To this day I still long for Enter the Matrix as a kid – my desire for that game may even have been unhealthy! Can you even imagine, running along walls while side flipping off and shooting dual pistols at them?! When did the industry decide it wasn’t what we needed anymore[? ],” noted PooSailor. Likewise mchammer126 suggested an Unreal Engine 5 remake of Path of Neo would also make their day!

Others believe we require an entirely new game instead: “I have such fond memories of Enter the Matrix; it tied in perfectly with both movies in terms of additional lore and storyline. Path of Neo was fun at its time as well; though neither currently hold up well. Personally, I would prefer an all new Matrix game with Neo as its protagonist,” wrote videoworldmusic.

Since the last Matrix game was released (not including the 2021 Unreal Engine 5 tech demo) 17 years have gone by without one being made public and an official release would certainly be long overdue.

Fans agree The Matrix needs a remake.
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