Hogwarts Legacy Hidden Room Reveals A Final Amazing Secret

Hogwarts Legacy Hidden Room Reveals A Final Amazing Secret

Hogwarts Legacy Hidden Room Reveals A Final Amazing Secret


Just when you thought Hogwarts Legacy had exhausted itself of surprises and secrets, one player finds another one hidden somewhere within.

Hogwarts Legacy does have some unrealized potential; too much focus has been put on caves and ruins instead of adding companion systems and quidditch for players to play against one another. That being said, this game establishes solid groundwork for future installments of this franchise, leaving fans believing a sequel could truly shine! Although its open world often feels empty at times, Hogwarts castle stands as its crowning glory with many gamers dubbing it their favourite gaming location ever and it being home to most easter eggs or hidden details from other titles! As some fans recently found out about a secret related tapestry!

Reddit user mizmaclean took to Reddit recently to announce they’d discovered the Wolf Tapestry Room after 100 hours, adding, “I love that there is always more to discover!” Fellow players quickly pointed out that this hidden room actually contains far greater mysteries – casting Lumos and holding your wand over any tapestries will bring forth an extraordinary narrative storyline!

SarCatTic suggests “Go near paintings and cast Lumos! Watch paintings!” while AsaShalee suggests: “You must! It’s amazing!” Father_of_Four__Cats advises “Make sure you start from the right side if possible – otherwise the story won’t unfold correctly – also, avoid keeping Lumos close to tapestries before viewing them as there may be additional secrets for discovery!.”

If you need assistance finding this room, let me be your guide: it is located in the tapestry gallery. To reach it, travel from Sleeping Dragon statue towards castle’s dungeons until reaching tapestry featuring shield bearing letter K tapestry which then transforms into door. For extra help if required just spam Revelio for assistance!

Hogwarts Legacy Hidden Room Reveals A Final Amazing Secret
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