EA's Mandalorian video game tease is absolutely breathtaking!

EA’s Mandalorian video game tease is absolutely breathtaking!

EA’s Mandalorian video game tease is absolutely breathtaking!


Ofttimes we dream about video games we may never encounter and when those dreams become realities it leaves us longing for what could have been.

One such concept is The Mandalorian, Disney+’s immensely popular bounty hunting/Din Grogu babysitting adventures; now that I’ve seen this idea realized through videogame, more than ever I desire this video game experience – make it happen, you wusses!

GavMakesGames has brought to life an amazing Mandalorian concept known as The Mandalorian: Way of the Warrior with impressive results! An in-game screenshot has already been captured as well as customisation settings, settings customization screen and functioning main menu screen!

I am absolutely captivated and heartbroken that this game doesn’t exist yet – please someone make it possible – Disney, Lucasfilm or anyone who can help! There are developers out there willing to bring this concept into reality and would certainly relish doing just that!

Cory Barlog, director of God of War (2018) revealed in 2020 that he’d love to create a game inspired by The Mandalorian: “If someone isn’t creating an amazing single-player Mandalorian game where players take control of a bounty hunter flying their ship through various systems collecting bounties while upgrading Beskar armour, and engaging in adventures then I don’t understand what we are doing here,” tweeted Barlog.

Barlog elaborated: “By “great single player”, I refer to games that put an emphasis on character development with relatable triumphs, losses and seemingly difficult decisions for each character to wrestle with – not simply shooting games but instead physical survival games that focus on character growth as much as emotional survival – hopefully with some enjoyable shooting elements included as a plus!”

Furthermore, Cory Barlog suggested in 2017 he may develop a Mandalorian game, sending social media into an uproar. Personally speaking, Santa Monica Studio would be my dream studio to develop such an endeavor.

Hoping that one day the powers that be will realize our desire and deliver us The Mandalorian Game that so many have long anticipated – or, hopefully, someone already is working on one?

EA’s Mandalorian video game tease is absolutely breathtaking!
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