GTA 6 'is the most costly entertainment product ever', claims an insider.

GTA 6 ‘is the most costly entertainment product ever’, claims an insider.

GTA 6 ‘is the most costly entertainment product ever’, claims an insider.


Grand Theft Auto VI may well be the costliest videogame ever developed; Rockstar Games plans on setting new industry benchmarks with this release.

Grand Theft Auto VI’s release has been long in coming and fans are getting restless waiting. Rockstar Games’ radio silence means fans have become anxious over time with speculations of when and what could come. One leaker shared parts of it online without permission but was later determined unfit by a psychiatrist as being criminally responsible.

While speculation abounds about Grand Theft Auto V’s size and scope, one key takeaway has been its expansive open world – which may become one of the largest open world games ever, not counting titles like Starfield of course. Leaks suggest popular locations from Grand Theft Auto such as Vice City may return, with plenty of mayhem-causing activities planned out.

Rockstar Entertainment recently unveiled information that indicated development of GTA 6 would cost them a significant fortune and set new standards in the games industry. According to hacker leaks shared via @GTAVInewz on Twitter, development cost estimates range up to $2 billion for development since 2014 as Rockstar is determined to set new industry benchmarks with this release of an entertainment product like no other before.

” This information suggests Rockstar is spending billions just to meet industry requirements with GTA 6. It reportedly cost them $2 billion alone! Development was initiated back then while Rockstar intended it be made publicly known – yet another hacker leaked info leak appeared by @GTAVInewz that was then shared via @GTAVInewz Twitter handle saying GTA 6 development cost “reportedly costs $2 Billion!” The revelation came via hacker who shared information that showed @GTAVInewz tweeted this: “GTA 6 will reportedly cost $2 Billion with development starting back in 2014. Rockstar is determined to set industry standards with GTA 6. Development began sometime before release – setting standards never seen before seen before!”

Given its size, it wouldn’t come as any shocker that development started on GTA VI years ago; and given how ambitious its scope is expected to be, there’s little surprise that work began early as well; more exciting still is Rockstar’s intention for GTA VI to set new benchmarks for open world gaming; something Take-Two Interactive recently confirmed by saying Rockstar strives towards perfect in its design of the game.

Grand Theft Auto VI’s $2 billion development cost may seem high at first, but with such an iconic franchise as Grand Theft Auto being so well received among fans and critics alike, its returns should more than be made up for in its initial week alone! GTA Online fans could help increase its gross earnings. This figure should continue rising over time!

Grand Theft Auto VI will release on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms.

GTA 6 ‘is the most costly entertainment product ever’, claims an insider.
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