Red Dead Redemption remake will release by Christmas.

Red Dead Redemption remake will release by Christmas.

Red Dead Redemption remake will release by Christmas.


It may not be as far away as you thought. The rumoured Red Dead Redemption reboot is reportedly just a few weeks from release.

Rockstar fans may be waiting patiently for the release of Grand Theft Auto VI. However, some are also looking forward to a remake of Red Dead Redemption that could possibly arrive just in time for this Christmas.

Hackers and leakers have claimed for months now that Rockstar has been secretly developing a Red Dead Redemption remake. They claim it will not be just a remake but a complete remake. This was of concern to fans, as the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy was only a remaster.

Rockstar should capitalize on this series, even if the rumours aren’t confirmed. This is especially true after the incredible success of Red Dead Redemption 2. The idea is even better when you take into account that the first game occurs chronologically after the sequel, so a remake with the same graphics as the prequel/sequel makes perfect sense.

Budzcario believes he knows the true release date of the game. In a Tweet , he said “Nov. 17th 2023.” Surprise of the Century! It will rock the gaming industry. You can’t help but believe. This is 100%’s release date. “They’ve fed fake information to… developers to stop leaks within their company.”

Then they said “Red Dead Redemption 1 Remastered will be released later this year.” This August, the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series will officially be announced. RDR 1 Remastered is scheduled to release in November or October.”

This is not confirmed by Rockstar so, as with any rumour or leak, it’s best to take this information lightly. If a Red Dead Redemption Remake were to release by the end of the year, then it would join renowned titles such as Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom Resident Evil 4 (2023) Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Starfield. This could cement the fact that 2023 will be remembered for being one of the best years of gaming.

Fans will need to pray and hope that the rumours about Red Dead Redemption I are true, as August is right around the corner.

Red Dead Redemption remake will release by Christmas.
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