Assassin's creed black flag gets surprise update

Assassin’s creed black flag gets surprise update

Assassin’s creed black flag gets surprise update


Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag has just received yet another major update for PC. What the hell happened?

Closed beta testing for codename jade is currently underway. The mobile game is set in the ancient China. The game is shaping up as a fantastic experience, with a large open world, an exciting story, and the option to fully customize your character. players will be able to try it out in the closed beta starting on 3 August.

The Black Flag PC update 108 has just been released. highlighted on the r/assassinscreed Subreddit by Ghost_LeaderBG, the update 1.08, has now been released on Ubisoft Connect as well as Steam .

This seems to resolve a serious issue which was causing many players frustration, where they could only launch the game in windowed. The patch can be either 13 or 12MB depending on if you are on Ubisoft Connect or Steam. So don’t blink or you might miss it. You should download Black Flag if you plan to revisit the game on your PC in the near future.

Insiders recently reported that Ubisoft Singapore is working on a new-gen remake for Black Flag. It’s been reported, however, that this remake is still in the “early stages” and will not be finished for many years.

Ubisoft has not confirmed if the rumours about a remake are true.

Assassin’s creed black flag gets surprise update
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